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I am holding space for all who were impacted by hurricane Harvey to take time to practice self-care. This is a time to create new ways of living and being. After a major event such as Harvey, we cycle through of the death of a known reality. We reassess what is essential and what we value, and create a new way forward.

Everyone has the capacity for self-care. I am here to give you permission to be gentle with yourself. Honor your needs for rest, emotional support and and self-kindness as you find your way through the aftermath.

The challenges of chaos, loss, fear and anxiety are opportunities–if you are willing to see them that way–for getting clearer about your deeper needs. When you are self-loving, you support your emotional well being. This allows you to love others more freely, without hidden agendas.

For many, this is a good time to take a break from physical labor and busy doing–to nourish your heart and rest your body. We all need a break from the sense of urgency that revved up our adrenals. We are not in immediate crisis now. Sometimes it takes awhile for that to sink in to the emotional body.

Along with my friend Kenneth Gayle, we invite you to join us on Saturday for connection, sound healing and a picnic (bring your own.) See details below.

All are invited to
‘Play and Pray’

Meditation for the People
Centering and Grounding
Guided Meditation and Focused Breathing

Connect with your healing tribe

Saturday, September 9 at 2-4pm
outdoors in the green grass at Rothko Chapel and reflecting pool

Children and all ages welcome

Bring what you need to feel comfortable
(optional ideas below)

Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls, Flute, Voice, Gong
Water, snacks, picnic
Blanket, chair or sit on the grass
Your heart, your goodwill
Relax, play and connect

green tara mudraGreen Tara, ancient Tibetan deity of compassion
Green Tara pre-dates Kwan Yin

My prayers are with All beings impacted by the wind, rain and storms of Harvey. Two-leggeds, four-leggeds, winged ones, the plant people, Earth and Sky, we are adapting.

May we accept the things we cannot change.
May we be present to What Is in this very moment.

Years ago, when Rita was on her way to Houston, I hosted a group meditation for centering, grounding and staying present to the elemental beings of nature with respect and receptivity. I invited people who could safely get to my house and who weren’t evacuating. I led a guided meditation. Then we sang a healing song to the wind, that was given us by a Cherokee medicine woman. Thanks to Melinda Taylor for teaching me this song. The words and the meaning helped me learn from the wind and weather the storm in a sacred way.

My heart guides me to share this healing song for all who will benefit. During the heavy rains of Harvey, I sang these verses to open my heart and be present to the downpour. I have weathered every major storm in Houston since hurricane Carla in 1961. In the field beyond panic and fear, there is awe and reverence. I’ll meet you there.


Spirit of the Wind, carry me
Spirit of the Wind, carry me home
Spirit of the Wind, carry me home to myself

Spirit of the Rain, wash away my pain
Spirit of the Rain, comfort me
Spirit of the Rain, carry me home to myself


Spirit of the Storm, help me be reborn
Spirit of the Storm, carry me
Spirit of the Storm, help me be reborn to myself


As Harvey approached, through Facebook and texting, I invited people to join together in prayers and sound healing. Folks who live close enough to Lightflower Studios to join safely came in person. More joined remotely. Together we built a quantum field that expanded beyond fear and anxiety into safety, wholeness and acceptance of what is present in the moment.

Post hurricane Harvey, we as a compassionate community, have an invitation to connect more fully and deeply with Source (by whatever name you use)—for strength, clarity and support to work through the trauma of loss and upheaval, as we let go of what no longer is real or important—and move forward wiser and freer–reborn.

On a physical level, we have been gathering what is needed, delivering meals, clearing streets, gutters and ditches, cleaning up debris and making donations of money and requested items to help people who have been displaced—and helping the helpers.

On a spiritual level, we have been holding candlelight meditations and prayer circles in small groups, sending out invitations to join from any location. Together we can generate a collective field of safety, peace, unity and loving-kindness to support ourselves, each other, and all who’ve been affected.

What has changed for you? How is this storm be a call to action for you to be reborn?

Meditation and prayer is a powerful way to take action—and provides a stable foundation for service and activism. Your meditations and prayers are needed and valued along with your labor and donations.

We have a vision of public meditation events being held wherever they are wanted throughout the city. Our intention is to hold space for all to be supported in safety, reassurance and loving kindness. If this resonates with you, please post a comment on this page and we will create together.

Because we are working through the quantum field, you do not have to be physically present to benefit or to help. You are welcome to join from wherever you are. Our vision is to build a field of steadiness, safety and loving-kindness, a resilient foundation for recovery and rebuilding skillfully, mindfully and grounded in Love from the Source of All Love.

We have heard from many people that our meditations and vigils supported them through the demands visited on us. We will continue to keep our hearts open and support those in need in the weeks and months ahead.

On the collective level, meditation and prayer lowers stress levels, increases harmony and positivity in schools, prisons, police forces. Large meditation events have temporarily lowered crime rates in entire cities. On a personal level, meditation and prayer decreases depression, improves health and immunity and supports emotional resilience, compassion, mindfulness and empathy.

Taking time to get centered and grounded enables us to give support in openhearted and healthy ways. Our grassroots efforts to meet the collective needs of our city has inspired and moved people throughout the country. Houston’s spirit of compassion, celebrated every spring for a week of events, transcends political and personal beliefs and fosters mutual regard, respect and connection among our diverse cultures.

A few words about Houston

We are the 4th largest city in the country and the most diverse. We embody the spirit of inclusion and celebrate an eclectic mix of people as reflected in our arts and food scene.

We are the only city in the country to have had a two term openly lesbian mayor. Her sexual preference was not a campaign issue. Her qualifications got her elected.

Our current mayor is African American. Race was not a campaign platform. His qualifications got him elected. He has made us proud by standing up for diversity and the dignity of all who make their homes here, be they natives or immigrants, documented or not.

We would like to continue to foster generosity, safety and unity in the weeks and months to come, when we will need each other more than ever.

I have lived in Houston more than 50 years and have weathered every major storm and hurricane since Hurricane Carla in 1961. Houston regenerates. As a community, may will grow, heal and learn from our experience.

Self-help: Resources for Recovery

Many of my friends and clients are highly sensitive. If this applies to you, you may have needs that are not mainstream. It is my honor to share with you some resources that can be highly effective in navigation through and beyond upheaval and crisis.

Recommended Flower Essences – you can purchase from the sellers below

Crisis Formula – for grounding and calming

Wind and Storm – for staying centered amidst turbulence, chaos and rapid change, for staying connected and being able to articulate your needs.

Clearing and Releasing Formula – for clearing stagnant, toxic or unhealthy energy; much like burning sage, without smoke or scent

Coral Bean—for trauma survivors who experience shock and immobilization, especially when you have been shocked in the past and disassociated.

You can order these essences directly from Desert-Alchemy.

***I highly recommend the spray bottles of Post-Trauma Stabilizer from FES flowers. This is the lineage in which I am trained and certified.  Go to FES Flowers.

For specific flower essence needs personal to you and your family, please schedule a private session.

Many Blessings! I hope to see you on Saturday at the Rothko, and to be with you in the quantum.

Leave a note here if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. XOXO



Bring Love, Light and acceptance to hidden hurts


Last spring, I received this blessing from a beloved teacher:

“Divine Mother empowers you.

You bring them back to life.

You will accomplish what you came here to do.”


This blessing was given me upon certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping. The four-month intensive training was rich with emotional processing. I processed emotions from my past that I had buried in my subconscious because at the time, I felt too overwhelmed to stay present. Tapping is a simple way to transform pain to peace.


According to neuroscientist Rick Hansen, 95% of our behaviors are driven by emotions suppressed in the subconscious. Bringing them forward with intention—and processing them brings you inner peace and freedom.


For months, I’ve been silent—giving myself space to absorb this blessing. I feel the truth of it. When Sonya blessed me, I cried. Chills ran through me like they do when I receive an energy transmission. I felt my energy body expand. I felt seen.


On day three of the 10 day professional training retreat in the Texas Hill Country, Sonya Sophia drew me aside and said, “I’ve been watching you. You are a natural. You have an intuitive gift for this work. We’re going to bring you up to speed as soon as possible so you can help make the world a better place.”


Her words nourished me at the center of my Being. To be seen is empowering. I believe that deep inside, we all long to be seen.


As a practitioner, I see you as the gift you truly are. I see your potential, your heart and your capacity for Love that others may not see.


Bring Light to trauma


I have a passion for bringing Light to trauma. I support people from families with mental or physical illness, suicide, abandonment, death and loss, verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, and religious fundamentalism. I know how to engage the subtle energies involved. I bring Light into dark places.


I help you digest overwhelming emotions and transform shame, blame, anger and fear into wisdom.


Passion ignited


My passion was ignited by my own experience as a spiritual Being who incarnated into a troubled family. My parents were wounded by their parents, who were wounded by their parents. Growing up in a family of six, I felt utterly alone in a family whose hearts were closed for protection.


Although trauma feels very personal when you are suffering, it is universal. From a higher perspective, trauma serves to awaken your inner Light. My passion is to help you process your limiting emotions at a gentle, comfortable pace, bringing compassion and kindness where there is pain. When you bring Love to the painful, dark places, your heart and mind opens to your true nature.


People often contact me wanting to develop their intuition, know their purpose or have more fulfilling life. They feel blocked. Even if you think a block is not from the past, most often it has roots in childhood, a past life, ancestral lineage or religious and cultural traditions and beliefs.


Overwhelming emotions that you suppress are stored in your subconscious. Your parents, grandparents and ancestors survived difficult times. Their coping strategies may have involved using addictions or being controlling or critical. They pass on their suppressed emotions through their parenting, because unprocessed trauma is expressed verbally and somatically. This is how trauma passes from one generation to the next.


Challenges are opportunities


We are blessed with effective new technologies to process trauma. Akashic Record readings, emotional connection, tapping and flower essences are allies in this process. Body Prayers blend these modalities to create somatic, emotional and spiritual healing.


Thanks to my excellent choice of parents, I learned firsthand about early childhood trauma. I learned how trauma affects your body, emotions and beliefs, and how much courage and persistence it takes to heal.


I believe that if I can heal, so can you.


In childhood, I spent countless hours calling out to a Love for which I had no name. Eyes closed, inhaling the sweet scent of roses, I swayed and sang, calling in the feeling of Love in my body. My guides and helpers gave me life when I wanted to die. They made me feel loved when I felt unloved. I saw pink Light in pink roses, red Light in red roses, and yellow in yellow roses. Colored Light coursed through my body, healing me, giving me courage to keep living. I didn’t know then that someday I would be working with colored Light to help other people heal. Or that the guide that I was closest to was Akash, who would later initiate me into the Akashic Records with more healing.


As I grew, I learned to hide these experiences of Love, to keep them private. It took years for me to become comfortable speaking about my childhood, both the transmissions of Love and the trauma.


During college, my soul felt starved for nourishment. The unbalanced emphasis on intellect over body, heart and intuition took its toll. I became sick—physically and emotionally. By graduation, I felt a bright light—my intellect at the top of the head. The rest of me felt numb. I had allergies, migraines and irritable bowel. I was frustrated by doctors and prescription drugs that made me feel worse.


I squelched my intuitive gifts just as I had in childhood—to be safe. After graduation, I felt free to embrace my soul’s calling. I craved a life that honored my whole Being. I want that for all who want it. I changed my diet, began using medicinal herbs, meditated and did yoga and Tai Chi. I decided to stop squelching my intuitive gifts. I believe these changes saved my life.


To heal, you have to address all levels of your being. You have four bodies: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Many people attend to one body—but not all four. Some meditate but don’t feel their feelings. Some exercise avidly and suppress their emotions with substances. Some endlessly analyze their emotions without processing them. I once used all of those approaches to make myself feel better.


Balancing your multidimensional Being is an art. In my personal life and my work with clients, I  focus on bringing all four bodies into harmony.


Once, a new client came for her first session. She sat down, turned to me and said, “I want your life.”


I laughed. “What is it about my life that you think you want?”


She wanted a spiritual life, which she imagined to be all sweetness and Light. I laughed because my life was not that. Not at all. She had no idea the path I’d taken to get where I am today.  Attending to your triggers, taking responsibility for your emotions, even when someone did something hurtful, and bringing Love in where you need it allows you to live in the world and stay connected to your Being. This is my practice.


Upsets come less frequently now, and I process them with greater ease and humor. I’ve made the journey into the shadow so many times, for myself and with clients, that I know I’m safe. I know that Love heals.


Dig deep, reach high


To heal your past, you bring loving attention to the emotions that clog up your root chakra—anxiety, fear, disconnect from Source, worries about survival, inherited beliefs—any feelings of not being safe. The densest emotions that keep you most stuck are in the lower three chakras. When they are clear and balanced, your upper chakras will balance with ease. Your intuition will open and guide you.


As your process your emotions, energy flows more freely through your body. Your root can do what it was designed to do: provide you with a safe, stable foundation. You can experience non-ordinary states of consciousness and receive transmissions of energy and be grounded and safe.


If your crown and 3rd eye open without stability in your lower chakras, you may experience anxiety, paranoia and psychosis. You can go into spiritual emergency or kundalini crisis. I’ve been there.


Highly sensitive people are already more open in their upper chakras. When trauma shuts down your lower chakras—the higher chakras take over survival functions. This distorts your intuition, which needs a supportive base to develop in a healthy, non-threatening way.


My client who said she wanted my life had no idea of my personal history.


Coming to peace with your history


Good news! When you are emotionally upset, you’re in the perfect place to learn and transform—if you’re willing to see it that way.


Tapping can free you from patterns, beliefs and emotions that steal your joy. You receive love, kindness and acceptance in the places within where you had to abandon yourself to survive. Abandoning your hurt inner child helped you survive, just like it did your parents and grandparents.


Abandoning yourself is a successful temporary strategy when you are a child without much power. Tapping brings you into the present, where you don’t need to abandon yourself anymore. You can recover and integrate soul fragments. You can carry this soul-level wholeness forward into future incarnations and dedicate it to healing your ancestors.


Your relationships with other people get an upgrade when you Love yourself. People almost never abandon you when you don’t abandon yourself—or criticize you when you don’t criticize yourself. Your connection to Source becomes juicy and fulfilling.

Mary Parker, my first teacher in the Akashic, called Akashic readings spiritual psychotherapy. The Akashic can illuminate where to focus your emotional processing. I bring this perspective to every session. Tapping addresses the nitty-gritty details where you are stuck.


It’s possible your soul volunteered to experience and transform trauma for the benefit of All Beings. The word enthusiasm comes from Greek roots meaning “dwells in divinity.”

When you bring Light to trauma, you gain enthusiasm and clarity to live your purpose.

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I am passionate about embodying the Divine in my daily life and inspiring my clients to take on this intention for themselves. I fall short at times, when I forget that All Life is Sacred. The times that most challenge me to embody my soul and remember who I am are when my body is in pain or sickness.

I “know” my Seed of Light still shines, but I may not feel it as clearly when emotional or physical pain overwhelms my knowing. Emotional and physical pain can feel chaotic. They tend to stir up old, unprocessed emotions. These are perfect times to do inner work.

Energy healing opens space for you to embody your soul in daily life. When you work energetically with your body, you are calling your Spirit in.

Divine Light Angels
I am dedicated to loving and healing my physical body, along with caring for my soul. After all, my soul incarnated to express itself and manifest its purpose through my body. In any given lifetime, our souls need bodies as much as our bodies need our souls.

I worked as a Cranial Sacral Therapist for many years. Before that, I did Polarity Energy Balancing, an Ayurvedic technique that works through the chakras and nadis. I learned early on that working with the body is a key to working with the spirit. Energy healing opens space for you to embody your soul in daily life. When you work energetically with your body, you are calling your Spirit in.

Emotional healing is equally important.

Sometimes, clients who ask me to read their Akashic Records for them are surprised when I recommend that we start with emotional and physical-structural work.

Though my current work facilitates change on all levels, I no longer do hands-on healing. When I find a gifted body worker who imbues her or his work with high spiritual consciousness, I rejoice.

Michael Hane is such a person.

Michael’s work focuses where my work does: on the nervous system—the physiological link between our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. From my perspective, gained over 40 years of working with the energy body—the nervous system, with its nerve plexuses and branches, is a more physical expression of the chakra system. I see that the spinal cord parallels the pranic tube and the 72,000 nadis that sustain our energy bodies are the subtle expression of nerve pathways.

I want my friends and clients to benefit from Michael’s work, so I called and invited him to Houston. He answered right away. I feel blessed that he said yes.

You’ll understand why I’m bringing him here when you read about the physical and metaphysical benefits of his work.

Michael does Atlas activations. The Atlas is your 1st cervical vertebrae, at the top of your spine. Physiologically, the Atlas is allows us to nod our heads up and down. When it is out of alignment, it can cause headaches, muscle aches, nausea, tinnitus and other discomforts. When tight muscles around it are released, leg length discrepancy can clear up.

If any of the conditions below are of concern to you, consider having a session with Michael.

Pain, headaches, muscle aches, TMJ, fibromyalgia

Pain brings a denser, lower vibration—takes you out of joy and makes it harder to stay connected with your inner guidance. In short, when you feel pain, your vibration easily descends into suffering. It’s harder to enjoy life.

Fatigue, sleep disruptions

Your central nervous system circulates through your brain and spinal cord, from which nerves branch to every area of your body. When the muscles at the origin of the spinal cord are constricted, this can affect the flow of nerve impulses and cause symptoms throughout the body.

Digestive issues

Tight muscles around the atlas can compress the vagus nerve that connects the brain with the gut, throwing your digestion off.

What are Atlas activations?

The atlas activation is a restoration of the AO or atlanto-occipital joint. The atlas is a vertebra. Michael’s work activates the space between the atlas and skull. This is the medulla of the brain stem, the mouth of god and Alta major. It is an energy point, a magical space between the atlas and the cranium.

Atlas activations are not chiropractic adjustments. Michael uses gentle massage techniques integrated with Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Energy Balancing to release chronic, deep tension from the muscles around the base of the skull. These muscles stabilize the AO joint. He does not adjust the atlas bone. He learned this technique from his father, who learned it in Switzerland. It is widely practiced in Europe, though not well known here in the states.

The foundational shift takes one session. He offers follow-up care for those who have had the foundational shift.

Here is a more comprehensive list of the conditions Michael’s work addresses:

Common physical struggles:

  • chronic tension and pain in the upper neck and shoulders
  • low back pain and sciatica issues
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines and tension head-aches
  • ringing in ears and tension at the jaw (TMJ)
  • posture issues: head forward and shoulders collapsed
  • reduced mobility
  • chronic fatigue
  • leg and hip imbalance
  • dizziness, fight or flight
  • joint stiffness
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders

Common issues of mind and spirit:

  • anxiety, restlessness
  • feeling ungrounded
  • depression, confusion
  • brain fog
  • lack of clarity about life’s purpose
  • feeling stuck and disconnected from the heart and mind
  • persistent sense that there is something ‘off’ or ‘wrong’ but can’t articulate the issue

More Benefits

  • increased neck and hip mobility
  • decreased pain in the body
  • feelings of ease, lightness and euphoria
  • More profound effects can include increased balance, strength, focus, clarity and peace

Address the cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms. 

To learn more about Michael and his gift, click here.


As the Winter Solstice approaches on December 21, nature invites us into the hidden pockets of our psyches—which hold feelings we have suppressed, and outdated beliefs from parents and ancestor that will not carry us forward in a good way.

You may be called to journey into your own darkness, to the quiet, still place within.

December 19 through January 8, 2017, Mercury is retrograde–which gives us even more impetus to clean out closets, literally and metaphorically. It is an opportune time to take out the trash and get closure on dangling relationship issues.

The election and other worldwide events are triggering dense, dark energies to surface. These dense beliefs, fears, prejudices and greed for material wealth have been evident for hundreds of years. They stand in stark contrast to our collective desire to live sustainably, in harmony with the Earth, and honor the dignity of all living beings.

For compassionate, sensitive people who feel energies and emotions deeply, these are challenging times. I have personally felt the impact in the physical domain of my body—notably a sore throat that ebbs and flows, not yet completely resolving.

I am waking up to what lives in my heart that has gone unsaid—and what visions arise in sacred sight, which I have not shared—or in some cases, have not responsibly attended to.

If you are having a similar awakening, I want you to know you are in good company. I am asking myself these questions.

What words of dignity and Love need to be spoken? What boundaries need to be set—personally and collectively, to protect our earth and the sacredness of life?

In the decades of my adulthood, I have journeyed through shadow realms numerous times—triggered by life events such as death, divorce and illness. One such life-changing dive took me into recovery from childhood abuse.

I have gained strength, clarity, humility, compassion and yes, at times wisdom—from my journeys through the portal into the formless realm and back again, reentering ordinary daily life—changed.

I have journeyed shamanically into the void, a vast space of no-thing-ness. While at first encounter, the void appears lifeless and deathly—with repeated exploration, I have found that it to be pregnant with possibilities for new life to take form.

Once I get past my own resistance and take the plunge into the lost, disowned and uncomfortable places within, I find the golden Light that shines within the shadow.

We are collectively in such a void space now. An in-between space, where the old reality is breaking down, while the new reality is not yet formed.

I have entered some very dark places since the election. Has this been a challenging time for you as well?

I woke one morning at 1am, terror running through my body. My awareness went to my upper chest, which felt tight and congested, a ball of elastic strings in a tangle, creating pressure and a sick feeling.

Bearing witness to my wise animal body, I brought love and kindness to this painful place. What unfolded surprised me. I had not been thinking about this memory.

When I was 23, almost 40 years past, I had a great shock when my sister killed herself. When I got the news, I had a kundalini crisis—I felt as if a geyser shot up my body from root to crown. I felt some essential part of myself explode, flying out of my crown. For several days after that, “I” was on the ceiling, looking down on my body.

About 5 days later, after the memorial service for my sister, I had my first massage. During the massage, “I” came back into my body.

I came back changed. My understanding of reality shifted 180 degrees. Until my sister’s death, I had been living my life trying to please others—even when this meant not following my soul’s calling—or dulling myself down.

I took a leap into the unknown. I knew that in order to survive my sister’s death, my life had to mean more to me than it had.

Though that didn’t change 100% right away, I took the first steps. I began to value myself. My mantra became “I value my life—and myself.”

Growing up in an abusive family, I had not learned that my needs were important. Keeping secrets and keeping silent were what I learned.

Valuing my inner guidance, my soul’s prompting, was my first conscious step as an adult into embodying my soul. It was soon after that that my initiation into the Akashic Record occurred.

Until my recent re-connection with the shock from so long ago, I had not been able to fully return from going away.

Holding my hands over my chest, I called my soul back in to my body. I called with Love. I called with Safety. I capitalize these words because I called in universal streams—energy flows from the Divine. I called in Divine Love and Divine Safety. What I needed was not from the ego. What I needed was to surrender my personal experience and be more fully at peace with what happened. My sister’s death was in the Highest Good—because it is what unfolded. It was a wake-up call for my soul.

I was amazed to feel more of “me” coming back into my body. It felt and feels grounding and steady. Once I integrated this soul return, I was able to heal the fear that I felt in my animal body at the news of my sister’s death—and distinguish my personal material from the collective anxiety that has been running through the world and our country especially, since the election.

As an empath, I am highly sensitive to other people’s emotions. When they collide with my own personal unprocessed emotions, I can be temporarily overwhelmed.

Once I could clearly distinguish what was being triggered—which energy flows were of my personal shadow and which were of the collective energy field, I began to find my ground. I began to receive guidance on how to serve the greatest good. I had the support I needed to channel both my personal emotions and the collective.

After several sessions of emotional connection and journeys into the Akashic Field, I heard the call of Kali, the Dark Mother.

In Hindu legend, Kali was born from the brow of Goddess Durga during a battle with evil forces. In the battle, Kali got involved in the killing spree. She got carried away and began destroying everything in sight.

To stop her, Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet.


Shocked, Kali stuck out her tongue in astonishment. She stopped killing and destroying. With God as her ground, she had the support she needed to use her power more consciously.

Kali is a force of nature. She is primeval, fundamental and transparent—primordial like nature—like Earth, Sea and Sky. She destroys false consciousness. She symbolizes infinite knowledge, which includes knowledge of good and evil, Light and Dark—here on Earth.

On Sundays, I am a regular at Ecstatic Dance Evolution in Houston. The theme on a recent Sunday was Magic. The facilitator that day, Isabella, is a dear friend with whom I’ve done ceremony. She holds a powerful space of magic.



I felt eager to answer the call of Kali. I opened my heart to welcome her into my being. I painted my face in homage to her—and danced with my beloved community. Ecstatic Dance is a place where creativity and authentic expression—through movement and non-verbal connection—are valued and practiced week after week.

Dancing Kali, taking her on as a teacher and guide for me was a turning point.

The next day, I found my voice and set a much needed boundary with a family member. I spoke my truth and said NO to what was out of alignment with my I AM presence. I calmly stated my requirement—to be spoken to with respect.

In my inner circle of intimate relationships, I value authenticity and each person taking responsibility for our actions and conversations.

Setting a boundary, I called on Kali’s gift of exposing false consciousness. I stand to embody my soul in all relationships. If the other person does not share my values, then the relationship moves to an outer ring—an acquaintance, not an intimate.

After setting that boundary, I felt calm, empowered and grounded. Setting boundaries opens space for my soul to breathe and live through me.

Since my tag line on my website banner is “Embody your Soul,” you know this is important for me to do. Like many—I am teaching what I’m here to learn.


A day later, I wrote this letter to of gratitude to Kali:

Dear Kali,

Thank you for your fierce love. I have needed your fearless love all my life. Since the election, I can no longer live without it.

For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the election has awakened primal fears—which can be paralyzing—and oh, so personal. For empaths, the election has inundated the airwaves with collective panic & desperation.

Kali – your fire is blazing a channel through me – revitalizing me and waking me up to my power. Oh Goddess have I needed you! For eons and lifetimes I have cried out to you. Life and love of life is reawakening within me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
mirror-kali I claim my voice. I will and do speak my truth. I will and am being heard.

The support I am receiving from my spiritual family, a worldwide community of embodied Light workers, feeds me. My guides in the Spirit world are with me.

I feel unshackled. I have glimmers of the golden Light in our current situation. I want to support you finding your way through whatever has been triggered that is thirsty for Light.

May your day be blessed with ease of well-being.

May every breath you take be peaceful and nourishing.

What questions are you living with since the election? How are you finding your ground?


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Banana Man

The following essay, in the genre of memoir,
was published in November 2012 in an e-book
Parent-Child Memories
from the series Love Revealed, True Stories edited by Dena Clayton.

The story is true. Names have been changed to honor privacy concerns.


My son came home from school on Halloween day in the eleventh grade with his head down, dragging his feet. “Mrs. Nile called me to the counselor’s office today. She says I’m getting too thin. She said I’m looking a little yellow.”

In spite of my concern, I almost laughed. How could she even say that with a straight face?  When he’d gone to school that morning, every inch of his exposed skin was tinted yellow. Dressed as a giant banana, yellow paper-mache covered his body down to his thighs and arched high over his head like a crescent moon. Beaming in the early morning light, he clopped across our living room in oversized yellow clown shoes, hard plastic slapping wood floors, mugging for photos. At his arts high school, Halloween was always celebrated with theatrical fanfare, including a special assembly where students paraded their costumes onstage to wild cheers and hearty applause. I enjoyed visiting his school on Halloween. Trailing in the wake of Banana Man, I lingered in the main hallway, spying a purple Barney dinosaur, Pippi Longstocking, and a dazzling Michael Jackson.

bananaman-story-illusBanana Man in a fashion show at the
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

The next morning, Mrs. Nile called. “Ms. Kern, I need to talk to you about William. Can you come up to school tomorrow?”

Her office was cramped, and not very private. “Have you noticed how thin William is? You need to take him to a doctor.” She went on talking about other troubled students under her charge, including the principal’s daughter. Since William’s dad and stepmother both taught at his school, I knew that anything I said to Mrs. Nile would not be held in confidence. I thanked her for her concern, and went home to start making phone calls and doing research.

It was true he was getting too thin. His stepmother had confronted him directly, but I hadn’t, because I was afraid I’d alienate him. I’d been aware he was troubled, but I hadn’t been able to persuade him to eat. He was such a sensitive boy. In second grade, when the kids drew pictures of what they wanted if they could have anything, the other boys drew red Lamborghinis and jet planes. William drew the Earth, and wrote in careful block letters, “World Peace” across the top. His teacher showed me his art, saying, “I want to clone this kid, so both my daughters can marry him.” As a child, he’d been solid, muscular, and wild about sports. In middle school, when he pitched his arm out playing baseball, he turned to basketball, spending hours playing pick-up games with a group of friends in our driveway.

Ten years after his drawing of the Earth, his arms and legs were thin as twigs. Dressed as Banana Man, he had reminded me of Mr. Peanut, his arms and legs like sticks with big joints.

William and I often had long conversations about the human condition. He was acutely aware of people’s suffering. After school, when he came into the kitchen for the usual snack, he would say, “I’m hungry but I just can’t let myself eat, when so many are starving.” In world history, he studied current events, and learned about genocide and starvation. The suffering of people in Africa and Asia wasn’t remote to him; he felt it in his body. When he read Siddhartha, the concept of renunciation seized his imagination. It wasn’t only food he denied himself, it was everything: clothes, books, or a new bicycle. He even balked at induction into the National Honor Society. “I’ve had all these advantages. My parents have always helped me and encouraged me. It’s not fair to the kids who haven’t had that.”

His doctor reassured me. “His blood work is normal.” Turning to William, Dr. Roberts said, “You’re thin, at the low end for your height, but you’re still inside the healthy range. But I want you to understand, you can’t afford to lose another pound.” He was losing muscle mass, and the doctor explained to us that if he kept not eating, his body would start consuming itself in an effort to survive. I felt a convulsion of fear. I’d heard of kids dying from anorexia.

“Even when I feel hungry, after I eat a few bites, I feel bloated,” he groaned. He wasn’t refusing to eat. He ate a lot, but only fruits, vegetables, beans and rice. He ate the whole apple, seeds and all. He ate the cob of the corn. He ate peels from the compost bucket. He preferred to eat scraps, leftovers, food no one else would eat. My chest tightened when I watched him, but I was afraid of losing him, so I held my tongue. I believed that if I gave him orders, he would tune me out. I reminded myself he was not in immediate danger. I wrested my mind away from worst-case scenarios: starvation, hospitalization, IV treatments.

When I was in high school, my family moved to Mississippi, where racial tension crackled in the hallways at school. Court-ordered desegregation brought the hatred and rage of a whole society boiling to the surface. I joined a tiny bi-racial committee of students who wanted to ease the way, but we were disbanded by the school administration. Facing such overwhelming pain and injustice on a large scale, I had trouble eating and sleeping.

Eventually, I found a therapist for William, who told me, “Don’t talk to William about your family history. Don’t talk to him about his father, or the divorce, unless he brings it up.” Seeing my son struggle triggered anxiety in me. I ruminated about my inadequacies as a mother. Where had his dad and I gone wrong? I needed guidance to help me know which of my impulses to help William were healthy. Even if I was part of the problem, I wanted to learn how to help him.

I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone. I didn’t want to alienate or abandon him. I didn’t know what to do, and he couldn’t tell me what he needed. I wanted to help him navigate the rocky path to adulthood, not try to control him. I had to let him show me how.

I instituted nightly sit-down dinners with William and his sister. No more being too busy for each other. We talked about our days, or sometimes we sat in awkward silence, but we stayed together. On weekends, we took long, meandering bike rides around the neighborhood, stopping to admire flowers and identify fruit trees. Growing within us was the desire to start our own garden.

We attended the Urban Harvest fruit tree sale in January. William glowed as we searched through rows of small trees in twenty-five gallon containers for a Red Baron peach, a Celeste fig. “Can we get a persimmon? What about blueberries?” I said yes to the light in his eyes.

Weekends and after school, we added compost and manure, making the soil dark and rich. When we dug deep with our shovels, we were careful to protect the delicate earthworms. Though small and ordinary, they would make our garden rich and fertile.      We hauled heavy loads of recycled bricks and river rocks to build a medicine wheel. In the four quadrants, we planted lettuces from seeds so tiny; we simply lay them on the ground and sprinkled a few grains of soil over them. Lettuce was followed by tomatoes, chili peppers, sugar-snap peas, and Italian cucumbers a foot long. When we finished planting one area, we began planting another:  lemon grass, basil, rosemary; roses, gardenias, and passion flowers.

As winter turned to spring, we pulled weeds. William showed me how to dig them out at their roots. Whenever I felt anxious, I remembered to feel my feet on the ground. Above us, the sky was bright blue, or grey and misty; the air was warm or chilly; a cardinal perched on the fence, or a hawk circled. When I noticed them, beauty and safety were present. As we worked side by side, day after day in our garden, I saw his old soul begin to come to terms with suffering.

Watching him eat sugar-snap peas straight from the vine, I saw him begin to feel more comfortable with food. He made tiny steps, allowing himself to receive. The day he let me buy him a new backpack for school, I cried. One afternoon in the fall of his senior year, as we stood watching the newly arrived monarch butterflies drinking nectar from the milkweed flowers, he turned to me, saying, “Thank you, Mom. I don’t know how I would’ve made it without your support.”

Learning to ask for help and receiving it, my son developed a strong inner foundation. His motto became balance. A year later, I helped him pack his things and drove him to college. He wrote his senior thesis on infant mortality in Bolivia. After graduating from college, he spent two months in Bolivia doing field research, and then traveled to Cambodia, where he works now in poverty alleviation. Even though he lives in Southeast Asia, he still dresses up for Halloween.

Author Statement:
I write memoir to parse the complexities of the human heart. Our need to survive drives us to fight threats against us and struggle against obstacles. Seemingly in contrast with the drive to fight to survive is a deep need for peace that comes through mercy, compassion and surrender. I teach a meditative process to support my students’ emotional, spiritual and creative needs at the Spectrum Center of Houston, and the Jung Center. I am grateful to the Spectrum Center Writers’ Guild and especially to Max Regan for his mentoring.     2-17-12

Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed (Love Revealed Stories Book 2) by [Kern, Nancy, Caffrey-Dobosh, Corby, Melotti-Cormack, Alison, Gordon, Susan, Ernst, Sindee, Krishnakamini, K., Williams, Marilyn Finch, Lackman-Smith, Carol, Briddell, Victoria Moo]The full e-book Parent-Child Memories can be purchased on Amazon here.



Coming home to your body means breathing into your root, staying present to feeling whatever sensations are alive in the moment. It means permission to feel what is present for you.

When I invite my clients to come home their bodies, some say, “I don’t want to be in my body,” or “I don’t want to feel my feelings.

Being embodied is a gift. Even so, occupying our bodies can be challenging. We are trained from an early age to live in our heads–and if we are lucky–our hearts. But what about living fully in our bodies?

We want a more full-bodied experience of life. We want full belly laughs and deep pleasure.

When we resist feeling our bodies’ signals because we’re too busy or we’re afraid, we also miss the belly laughs.

Thinking about this made me curious about resistance across several domains of life.

Resistance in electricity – our bodies are electrical, especially our nervous systems and hearts

In the field of electricity, resistance is opposition to the flow of electrons in an electrical current through a circuit. Wherever there is resistance in the circuit, the flow is blocked.

Movement of an electron is not straightforward. It moves in a zigzag path. Just as our lives unfold in surprising ways, electrons have countless collisions with fixed atoms within the conduit.

In electricity, resistance hinders the flow of change.

In our lives, resistance may arise in the face of an obstacle such as lack of money or lack of support. We may quit–or give up on what truly nourishes our Being when it is criticized or marginalized by family, peers or mainstream culture.

Beliefs may function like fixed atoms

When we cling to fixed beliefs, we can’t easily adapt to change. This is so, whether our beliefs are conscious or flying below the radar. Our identity–who we think we are–can be wrapped up in beliefs.

But we are not our beliefs. Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have thought again and again.

Many of our beliefs are inherited. It can be helpful to ask yourself: where did this belief come from? Is it really true? Is it really mine?

When we find ourselves unable to change our lives, we say we feel “stuck.” Feeling stuck–or being in a transition is the primary reason people seek out coaching.

Resistance affects our relationships

Some relationships feel easy and light. There is a free flow of give and take, call and response. Other relationships are burdened by stagnant energies–suppressed emotions. Lack of safety or permission to be honest about your needs and feelings creates an unsteady ground of  unspoken background conversations.

Resistance shows up in good-bad, right-wrong or win-lose conversations. “I’m right; you’re wrong.” There is no relationship bridge being built–no care given to the quality of the connection between people.

A right-wrong conversation is one way we leave ourselves. We defend our beliefs instead of staying present to what is being stirred in us when someone disagrees with us. Our energy  goes up and out–making the other person wrong, not down and in–where we will have to feel our feelings.

In win-lose conversations, two people or two groups focus only on their own concerns–and not on the concerns of the other parties. When relationships are based on winning, resistance–whether overt or passive–grows stronger.

Resistance also shows up in not asking for what we need. We don’t let others see us when we are vulnerable–so we aren’t being authentic.

Suppressed conversations function like fixed atoms. They block the flow of emotional connection–and instead create stagnation.

Resistance in our bodies

The fact that you have a body is what makes you alive. In contemporary times, we tend to ignore and suppress the signals transmitted by our bodies. We live in a rush of colliding thoughts.

It can be challenging to attend to our authentic needs–to take time to feel our feelings, especially when we carry a backlog of baggage.

Suppressed emotions accumulate in our bodies as numbness–and drive us to addictive behaviors. These are also obstacles to flow–like fixed atoms in an electrical wire.

What does it mean to be embodied?

Your body is a conduit for Source energy, which circulates through the nadis–subtle energy pathways in and around your body, creating a web of Light—your aura. Think of your aura as a light bulb, lit by the unimpeded flows of current or energy from Source.

Source energy flows two ways:

  1. From the stars and infinite cosmos down into your crown, into your pranic tube–an energetic channel which runs through the center of your body in front of the spinal cord–through your root chakra into the Earth.
  2. From the center of the Earth–up into your root, bringing vital nourishment to your body, your sense of safety, pleasure and security.

Both Eastern and Western religions have taught us that going up and out of our bodies is more spiritual than going down and in. This reflects a cultural preference that has dominated for thousands of years–that privileges what is mental, masculine and linear.

Most of us are more practiced at going up and out. We are missing a vital source of nourishment—located down and in. With industrialization, we have been desensitized to the aliveness of nature and the Earth as a sentient being. We treat our Earth and our bodies as if they are things, rather than the exquisitely sensitive receivers and transmitters of Source energy they are.

Most of us know that consciousness cannot be confined in the physical. What is often overlooked is knowing that consciousness exists in the electromagnetic resonance of our bodies.

Emotions have a physical quality to them. With wisdom comes knowing that the way out of emotional pain is through. We feel the feelings and cradle our emotions in kindness and allowingness until clarity comes and we are centered and grounded again. We bring space to our feelings to help us stay present.

Akasha is Sanskrit for space

Space lives within the density of Earth, the vastness of Cosmos and in every cell in your body, as demonstrated in physics, astronomy and quantum biology.

This is why, when I read the Akashic Records for people, I begin with helping you get grounded and centered. I help you come down and in – to your body and the Earth.

Leaving your body

There is a lot going on when you leave your body. In traumatic situations, when the nervous system is overwhelmed, we may develop tendencies to leave our bodies. Life events teach us this skill. Disassociation may feel temporarily soothing and spiritual.

If we repeat this experience many times, we may come to believe that our bodies are a hindrance to our connection with Spirit. We may believe that our bodies separate us from the Source that created us.

We may believe this, even though Source created our bodies for a purpose—to embody our souls.

Being outside your body can be attractive. Detaching from your nervous system temporarily frees you from emotional and physical pain.

Anything that suppresses emotional pain can become addictive. Once you discover that you can “leave,” you may overlook the fact that you are in a dissociated state. When you come to prefer disembodied states, when you develop a habit of disassociating, you cannot incarnate as fully.

Religious beliefs that devalue the spirituality of the body can function as fixed atoms of resistance to embodiment.

Coming home

As a soul, your purpose is to incarnate as Divine love in human form – to BE the love you are. As the embodiment of Love Incarnate, you are called to honor your body, listen and care for it as you would a beloved—as a devotion to Source.

The Latin roots of the word ‘incarnation’ refer to the Divine being made flesh. No one may have ever told you that your body is holy—an expression of Spirit.

Your body makes it possible for your soul to incarnate and experience life.

The Light you may experience while “out” of your body can be experienced through your body. It can only be experienced with your body.

Light can illuminate every cell of your body when you are anchored down and in – in your root, in the Earth.

You can access higher states of consciousness while staying “in” your body. Just as your body is holy, the Earth is holy.

In the case of electrons, the longer the wire they are traveling through, the greater the likelihood that the electrons will encounter resistance. When movement is hindered, they electrical current is blocked. It doesn’t flow.

As souls, we travel a long path through multiple incarnations, encountering countless obstacles along the way. Resistance to feeling our feelings and acknowledging our higher senses may become a habit of the soul.

Part of your soul’s purpose is to embody your exquisitely sensitive animal body. At some stage of your development, you will find that you don’t have to leave your body to find home. Home is here. In your body.



Self-compassion is the most direct path to spiritual presence. When you treat yourself with kindness, you can be lighthearted.

Afterglow by NancyKernAfterglow by Nancy Kern

Being kind to yourself opens space for you to embody your soul

When I encourage clients to be as kind to themselves as they are to the people they love, they sometimes look at me with confusion. “I feel like I’m letting myself off the hook,” they might say, or “if I don’t push myself I’ll never accomplish anything.”

In January, I published a blog inviting you to join me in practicing self-kindness as your New Year’s resolution. If you missed it or want to refresh your memory, you can read it here.

If you have been practicing, take some time to assess what results you are noticing. Please share them in the comments if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you haven’t been practicing kindness toward yourself, let today be Day 1.

If you started to practice and lost momentum, I invite you to begin again.

You may have learned long ago to be hard on yourself. “Being hard on myself is the way to get ahead. If I’m not hard on myself, I’ll be a couch potato.”

If you were frequently criticized as a child, you may have taken on criticizing yourself. Self-critical statements include: “whatever I do, it’s not enough.” “I could have done better.” “I just can’t get it right!” “I’m an idiot!”

Some people say that self-compassion is for wimps.

Let’s look at this idea closely.

What happens when you start a self-compassion practice?

You may discover walls in your heart – numbness that won’t allow you to receive self-compassion – or kindness from others, for that matter. Trying to practice compassion when you can’t receive it can feel dull, mechanical and lifeless.

When you find numbness or hear an “I don’t care” or “This is stupid” voice, slow down and pay attention to the sensations in your body. Does your chest feel tight? How about your throat? Your belly?

By hearing what your body is telling you, you can interrupt thoughts like “this is a waste of time” or “I can’t do this.” Thoughts are just thoughts – it doesn’t make them true.

Invoke your inner healer to help you continue. Don’t let not getting immediate results stop you. Like all practices, developing compassion takes time. Breathe, slow down and begin again, telling yourself that there is enough space for all feelings and thoughts that arise.

You may notice, “My chest feels tight. It’s painful.” There may be grief or sadness – or other challenging emotions. Tell yourself, “When other people feel like this, it’s hard for them, too. I’m not the only one.”

One day at a time, your resistance will soften. Your heart will gently open. Your body will soften physically.

When you release tension, flows that were blocked come unblocked – like releasing a river that has been dammed. Your energy flows open as well. You will start to feel whatever feelings have been stored in those numb, tight, hard places. These feelings have been held captive behind walls of tension. When the walls come down, feelings flow.

You may cry uncried tears. You may feel feelings you weren’t ready or able to feel at the time you suppressed the feelings. In order to feel these feelings, it helps to source yourself in self-compassion.

Feeling your feelings is definitely not for wimps! It takes emotional courage and presence to feel. At the same time, feeling your feelings builds emotional courage and presence – and both are fundamental to spiritual embodiment. As an extra benefit, feeling suppressed emotions and moving them through releases chronic tension – which improves your health.

The fluids in your body, blood, lymph, etc, are meant to flow – as are the electrical impulses of your nervous system. Tears open the gates to other fluid flows.

When you give yourself compassion, you develop the inner resources to feel. Whatever else you are doing – coaching, bodywork, meditation, yoga, dance – will be more effective.

If it is hard for you feel compassion for yourself, know that I care. I’ve been there. For many years, I was hard on myself. The first time a healer told me I was too hard on myself, I thought, “ha! If she only knew…. I’m not nearly hard enough on myself!” I thought I had her fooled because she saw me as deserving of kindness.

I’ve come a LONG WAY – by learning to be kind to myself.

If you have been hard on yourself your whole life – if you grew up in an environment of criticism, neglect or bullying at home or at school, you may have feelings waiting to be felt.

You can replace self-criticism with self-kindness – and watch the world become a kinder place.

You don’t have to do it alone. Being held in love and spaciousness while you cry can be profound.

I am here to hold space for you. To feel compassion for you and encourage you to try to feel kindness toward yourself. You can’t fail at this. It is a practice. If it seems difficult, that’s OK too.

Instead of being hard on yourself, be kind.

When you are having a hard time, be as kind to yourself as you would be to a beloved.

The good news is that feeling your feelings will free you to be more at ease in your own skin. You will have more ready access to your inner guidance. And yes, your spirit will soar.

Self-compassion is fundamental to Emotional Connection. Read more about emotional connection here.

You will open space to embody your soul – to Be the Divine Spark of Being you incarnated to be.

If you would enjoy affordable group support to boost your self-compassion practice, I am teaching a workshop at the Jung Center on Saturday, October 1. Learn more and register for “Journey from your Head to Your Heart” here. Select Nancy Kern from “select instructors” menu under the advanced search. Click on the link provided to read about the class and register. Or call 713-524-8253.


We are evolving beings. Riding continuous waves of change, our lives unfold.

As our inner conversations evolve, so does our sense of who we are expand beyond our previous limitations.

The call to update the tag line on my website to read “Embody your Soul” has been alive in me for months – if not years. My life purpose has deepened and matured. The time has come to shared this tender growth in the world.

This is a little scary. I feel naked. At the same time, I feel humbled. It feels both vulnerable and empowering. My heart feels tender and innocent.

People use the word soul in many different ways. What do I mean when I say “soul?”

Your soul is the animating principle of your human existence. Your soul calls you to go beyond rigid personality traits  – “this is just how I am” – or concerns about what others think of you – to move beyond conversations of judgment and fear. Your soul does not act from competition, dominance or unworthiness.

Your soul knows your true nature. You are a spark of Divine Light – an aspect of the creative source of All that Is.

Seed of Light, acrylic on canvas, 10x10

You are seeded with God light or Source energy – call it by whatever name opens your heart and lights you up. From a physics perspective, we are all part of a Unified Field. Each part contains the blueprint – or potential – of the whole.

To Embody your Soul is to organize your life centered around the seed of Light within your being – and to acknowledge that Light and Space are alive in your body. Your body and your soul connect you directly to Source – these are the most intimate relationships you will have throughout your entire life. Your relationships with other people and with the world reflect your relationships with your body, soul and Source.

Some meditation practices and spiritual traditions encourage you to leave your body – as if being disconnected is a higher, godlier state of being. Leaving your body can give you a temporary sensation of weightlessness – freedom from the density and heaviness of life on earth. You may enjoy the flight – AND – YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE CALLS YOU HERE – to be embodied – on the Earth – in human form.

Your life purpose is not to leave your body – but to bring the love, inspiration, mystery and wildness you access in formless realms into your life as a human being.

From the zone between lifetimes, your soul incarnates with the purpose to take form – to be embodied. The root word of incarnate is “incarni” – “to be made flesh.”

On a fundamental level, you incarnated to bring Heaven to Earth. The creative impulse to incarnate our divinity is not just for saints, gurus and mystics; it is for all evolving beings.

As you befriend your body and stay present to the sensations and conversations encoded therein, you access spaces as deep as the cosmos.

Inner space gives your soul the location it needs to be embodied – a home in your body.

Formless realms, including the Akasha – exist inside your body every bit as much as outside in the wider cosmos.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word for space. We “read,” see, hear, feel, and know space through our Divine Spark. When you live into the space in your body, you can experience your most direct link to the infinite.

You can think of your soul as your spiritual personality – to distinguish it from your egoic personality. Your egoic personality is generated by the accumulation of conditioning – from family, genetics, culture, religion and the era in which you live. Heidegger, a twentieth century German philosopher who studied Being, used the term “thrownness.” We are born or thrown into a situation and environment that shapes us.

Souls incarnate with a mission to bring Heaven to Earth. You can’t do this without a body.

You incarnate more fully when you bring consciousness into your wise animal body, uproot your “thrownness” and claim the Seed of Light within.

Here you find Absolute Love. Your Soul has a full life – inspired, guided and surrendered to Source.

You ground your connection to Source when you embody your prayers. Pray with your whole body, with sound, color, movement and sensation.

Your Soul or spiritual personality is a wave pushing into embodiment. Your Soul is the accumulation of wisdom and karma from past incarnations. The Akashic Record is the record of your soul’s journey.

When we have tantrums of fear, rage and resistance to our souls or higher selves – we are resourced in our scared, fragmented human parts – parts that forget we are Love Incarnate.

Being born into a human life is a great forgetting. As our souls enter our bodies, we go through a veil of forgetting who we really are. It is an exciting and exacting journey to uncover and recover our true nature. To me nothing is more compelling or rewarding.

As a spiritual coach and teacher, I teach what I’m here to learn. I make no claims to have all the answers. If you find someone who does make that claim, I recommend you run the other way.

I am devoted to practicing what I’m here to learn. I am happy to reach out a hand when you need support on your human journey.  We are all pulling each other through the matrix.

May you Embody Your Soul today,

Big Love,


Listening is powerful. We all have a deep need to be witnessed – to be seen and heard.

Recently I taught a workshop, The Sensation of Emotion, at the Jung Center of Houston. During the day, one of our explorations was connecting with sensations in our bodies, while supported by a partner.

Partner 1 turned her focus inward, scanned her body and noticed what sensations were calling her attention – while Partner 2 “held space” for her.

ListeningHolding Space

Here’s what holding space entails:

First of all, the person holding space does not try to influence her partner’s experience in any direct way. Instead, she holds a space of permission for her partner to do what she needs to do.

This can be easier said than done. For many of us, it is a new concept – to simply listen and stay present in a conversation – to not give advice, try to fix a situation or change our partner’s experience. Even though we may be well-meaning, giving advice can interfere when someone needs time to listen to themselves – to connect with their inner knowing.

When we give advice – unless it is requested directly – several things are possibly going on.

  • We are making ourselves feel better by offering a solution.
  • We aren’t staying present to the sensations in our own bodies. If we are overly emphatic, we may “merge” with another, feeling their emotions, their feelings while losing touch with our own. This creates confusion.
  • We may feel compelled to be useful – to move the focus away from feeling, which can be uncomfortable.
  • We may never have been told that LISTENING IS ENOUGH

After our partner-assisted exploration of the sensations of emotion, we came together as a group again and shared our experiences. We had a great conversation about the desire to help someone – the urge to give advice.

One woman said, “It was so relaxing – to hold space without trying to guide my partner or give her advice. I have had a habit of giving advice to people, even when they don’t ask for it.”

Another said, “It was such a relief not to give advice. I felt calm. I found I could simply sit with my partner and give her my attention – without having to feel what she felt, or see it as a problem that I needed to help her solve.”

Although I’ve been practicing this work for 4 years, I still occasionally catch myself giving advice – to a client, friend or family member. When I notice I am doing so, I check in with my body. I notice my body feels tense. When I sit in presence and listen with undivided attention, my body feels relaxed and expansive.

Touching in with the sensations in my body helps me remember that advice is not needed – unless advice has been requested.

When we listen to someone and stay present, our attention isn’t divided between listening and problem-solving.

Our partner can feel the difference. Our partner feels supported – she can be present to her own experience. She feels reassured that it’s OK to feel whatever she’s feeling.

Within every one of us is a wise knower who knows what we need. When we hold space for another to have their experience without our interference, we do it in the spirit of affirming their connection to their inner knower.

We are all directly connected to Source. Our connection may be buried under bodily tension and noisy thoughts, but it is there.

In relationships, trust is built on the non-invasive, non-judgmental quality of your presence. Practice being allowing and holding space in your daily life – and see what happens. I’d love to hear your reflections in the comment box below.


Tuesday, March 8, the heavens bless us with both a new moon and a solar eclipse. With the new moon in Pisces, we are called to open our hearts. We have the opportunity to heal past wounds and misunderstandings. We can retrieve “lost” parts of ourselves that have been suppressed, bring them into our hearts and reunite them with our Inner Light.

By connecting with uncomfortable feelings with kindness, we open space for contracted places to be held in our hearts, cradled by Love from the Source of All Love.

At the Akashic Blessing Circle, as we celebrate Spring Equinox, we will align ourselves with the powerful energies of the Solar Eclipse.

The Pisces new moon offers you a chance to move beyond your stuck places and connect more deeply with Source.

Tune into the quiet voice within you. Are you ready for movement in some area of your life? Be it relationships, creativity, career or health –the solar eclipse pushes you forward.

solar eclipse
The solar eclipse wants you to move forward. To do this, you have loosen up on routine, habitual ways.

Are you doing the same things that worked for you in the past – hoping for different results? Staying stuck will bring extra challenges – and greater frustration, as the momentum to move forward is strong.

Stuck places are being highlighted – not because the Universe wants to make your life harder – but to trigger you to make changes you may have been planning to make someday.

If you are already moving forward, things will accelerate. The eclipse provides momentum for progress. This is a constructive time to put your goals into action.

In my clients, I’m seeing progress in creative projects, more satisfying career changes, more fulfilling relationships and more vibrant health.

Areas of life where you are motivated by guilt, duty, obligation, or fear will be revealed – and you will want to change the dynamic.

Even if what you have is not fulfilling, it is familiar. You know how to live with what you’ve got.

Absolute love is just that – absolute. It cannot be diminished. You do not lose love from Source. Love from the Source of all Love can not be earned.

Absolute love is yours simply because you exist.

Take time at the Akashic Blessing Circle to center yourself in Absolute Love. What is your Soul asking of you?

Your soul incarnated to fully embody life in the world through YOU – your body and personality. You need support and new skills. Today’s Solar Eclipse is providing momentum. The Akashic Blessing circle will give you support to  receive the gifts of the Eclipse and and the Equinox – and focus on action steps to follow through.

An effective way to start is to make a declaration, such as:

“I will find a new job in 2016.”

“I will make 3 new friends by June 1.”

“I will take the painting classes/piano lessons I’ve been postponing for years.”

The difference between a declaration and setting an intention is that when you make a declaration, you are making a statement of intent grounded in action. Once you’ve made a declaration, you being to assess what actions you can take to move forward.

You are all connected to a tribe of people engaging this evolutionary process together. Stating your declaration and surrendering the outcome to the Akasha at the Blessing Circle will help you ride the wave of forward momentum.

Your soul beckons you toward what deeply nourishes and fulfills you. You may be called to step outside your comfort zone.

When you follow your Soul’s calling, you become a resource in the world.

How is your soul calling you forward?

The Akashic Blessing Circle gives you a time and a place to tune in to your soul’s song. New people and frequent fliers welcome. Read more about the Akashic Blessing Circle here.

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