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Bring Light to Trauma

Bring Love, Light and acceptance to hidden hurts


Last spring, I received this blessing from a beloved teacher:

“Divine Mother empowers you.

You bring them back to life.

You will accomplish what you came here to do.”


This blessing was given me upon certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping. The four-month intensive training was rich with emotional processing. I processed emotions from my past that I had buried in my subconscious because at the time, I felt too overwhelmed to stay present. Tapping is a simple way to transform pain to peace.


According to neuroscientist Rick Hansen, 95% of our behaviors are driven by emotions suppressed in the subconscious. Bringing them forward with intention—and processing them brings you inner peace and freedom.


For months, I’ve been silent—giving myself space to absorb this blessing. I feel the truth of it. When Sonya blessed me, I cried. Chills ran through me like they do when I receive an energy transmission. I felt my energy body expand. I felt seen.


On day three of the 10 day professional training retreat in the Texas Hill Country, Sonya Sophia drew me aside and said, “I’ve been watching you. You are a natural. You have an intuitive gift for this work. We’re going to bring you up to speed as soon as possible so you can help make the world a better place.”


Her words nourished me at the center of my Being. To be seen is empowering. I believe that deep inside, we all long to be seen.


As a practitioner, I see you as the gift you truly are. I see your potential, your heart and your capacity for Love that others may not see.


Bring Light to trauma


I have a passion for bringing Light to trauma. I support people from families with mental or physical illness, suicide, abandonment, death and loss, verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, and religious fundamentalism. I know how to engage the subtle energies involved. I bring Light into dark places.


I help you digest overwhelming emotions and transform shame, blame, anger and fear into wisdom.


Passion ignited


My passion was ignited by my own experience as a spiritual Being who incarnated into a troubled family. My parents were wounded by their parents, who were wounded by their parents. Growing up in a family of six, I felt utterly alone in a family whose hearts were closed for protection.


Although trauma feels very personal when you are suffering, it is universal. From a higher perspective, trauma serves to awaken your inner Light. My passion is to help you process your limiting emotions at a gentle, comfortable pace, bringing compassion and kindness where there is pain. When you bring Love to the painful, dark places, your heart and mind opens to your true nature.


People often contact me wanting to develop their intuition, know their purpose or have more fulfilling life. They feel blocked. Even if you think a block is not from the past, most often it has roots in childhood, a past life, ancestral lineage or religious and cultural traditions and beliefs.


Overwhelming emotions that you suppress are stored in your subconscious. Your parents, grandparents and ancestors survived difficult times. Their coping strategies may have involved using addictions or being controlling or critical. They pass on their suppressed emotions through their parenting, because unprocessed trauma is expressed verbally and somatically. This is how trauma passes from one generation to the next.


Challenges are opportunities


We are blessed with effective new technologies to process trauma. Akashic Record readings, emotional connection, tapping and flower essences are allies in this process. Body Prayers blend these modalities to create somatic, emotional and spiritual healing.


Thanks to my excellent choice of parents, I learned firsthand about early childhood trauma. I learned how trauma affects your body, emotions and beliefs, and how much courage and persistence it takes to heal.


I believe that if I can heal, so can you.


In childhood, I spent countless hours calling out to a Love for which I had no name. Eyes closed, inhaling the sweet scent of roses, I swayed and sang, calling in the feeling of Love in my body. My guides and helpers gave me life when I wanted to die. They made me feel loved when I felt unloved. I saw pink Light in pink roses, red Light in red roses, and yellow in yellow roses. Colored Light coursed through my body, healing me, giving me courage to keep living. I didn’t know then that someday I would be working with colored Light to help other people heal. Or that the guide that I was closest to was Akash, who would later initiate me into the Akashic Records with more healing.


As I grew, I learned to hide these experiences of Love, to keep them private. It took years for me to become comfortable speaking about my childhood, both the transmissions of Love and the trauma.


During college, my soul felt starved for nourishment. The unbalanced emphasis on intellect over body, heart and intuition took its toll. I became sick—physically and emotionally. By graduation, I felt a bright light—my intellect at the top of the head. The rest of me felt numb. I had allergies, migraines and irritable bowel. I was frustrated by doctors and prescription drugs that made me feel worse.


I squelched my intuitive gifts just as I had in childhood—to be safe. After graduation, I felt free to embrace my soul’s calling. I craved a life that honored my whole Being. I want that for all who want it. I changed my diet, began using medicinal herbs, meditated and did yoga and Tai Chi. I decided to stop squelching my intuitive gifts. I believe these changes saved my life.


To heal, you have to address all levels of your being. You have four bodies: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Many people attend to one body—but not all four. Some meditate but don’t feel their feelings. Some exercise avidly and suppress their emotions with substances. Some endlessly analyze their emotions without processing them. I once used all of those approaches to make myself feel better.


Balancing your multidimensional Being is an art. In my personal life and my work with clients, I  focus on bringing all four bodies into harmony.


Once, a new client came for her first session. She sat down, turned to me and said, “I want your life.”


I laughed. “What is it about my life that you think you want?”


She wanted a spiritual life, which she imagined to be all sweetness and Light. I laughed because my life was not that. Not at all. She had no idea the path I’d taken to get where I am today.  Attending to your triggers, taking responsibility for your emotions, even when someone did something hurtful, and bringing Love in where you need it allows you to live in the world and stay connected to your Being. This is my practice.


Upsets come less frequently now, and I process them with greater ease and humor. I’ve made the journey into the shadow so many times, for myself and with clients, that I know I’m safe. I know that Love heals.


Dig deep, reach high


To heal your past, you bring loving attention to the emotions that clog up your root chakra—anxiety, fear, disconnect from Source, worries about survival, inherited beliefs—any feelings of not being safe. The densest emotions that keep you most stuck are in the lower three chakras. When they are clear and balanced, your upper chakras will balance with ease. Your intuition will open and guide you.


As your process your emotions, energy flows more freely through your body. Your root can do what it was designed to do: provide you with a safe, stable foundation. You can experience non-ordinary states of consciousness and receive transmissions of energy and be grounded and safe.


If your crown and 3rd eye open without stability in your lower chakras, you may experience anxiety, paranoia and psychosis. You can go into spiritual emergency or kundalini crisis. I’ve been there.


Highly sensitive people are already more open in their upper chakras. When trauma shuts down your lower chakras—the higher chakras take over survival functions. This distorts your intuition, which needs a supportive base to develop in a healthy, non-threatening way.


My client who said she wanted my life had no idea of my personal history.


Coming to peace with your history


Good news! When you are emotionally upset, you’re in the perfect place to learn and transform—if you’re willing to see it that way.


Tapping can free you from patterns, beliefs and emotions that steal your joy. You receive love, kindness and acceptance in the places within where you had to abandon yourself to survive. Abandoning your hurt inner child helped you survive, just like it did your parents and grandparents.


Abandoning yourself is a successful temporary strategy when you are a child without much power. Tapping brings you into the present, where you don’t need to abandon yourself anymore. You can recover and integrate soul fragments. You can carry this soul-level wholeness forward into future incarnations and dedicate it to healing your ancestors.


Your relationships with other people get an upgrade when you Love yourself. People almost never abandon you when you don’t abandon yourself—or criticize you when you don’t criticize yourself. Your connection to Source becomes juicy and fulfilling.

Mary Parker, my first teacher in the Akashic, called Akashic readings spiritual psychotherapy. The Akashic can illuminate where to focus your emotional processing. I bring this perspective to every session. Tapping addresses the nitty-gritty details where you are stuck.


It’s possible your soul volunteered to experience and transform trauma for the benefit of All Beings. The word enthusiasm comes from Greek roots meaning “dwells in divinity.”

When you bring Light to trauma, you gain enthusiasm and clarity to live your purpose.

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