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Women’s Blessing Circle
Sunday, October 23 4:00-6:30pm
Lightflower Studios
To register, click here

2016 Blessing Circles – Save the date:
December 18 – Winter Solstice
Sunday afternoons, 4-6:30pm

To read Why You Will Love the Akashic Blessing Circle, click here.
To read Why the Akashic Blessing Circle, click here.
The Women’s Blessing infuses you
with potent soul energies
helps align you with your Higher Self
nourishes your physical body with Light from the Source of All Light

The blessing circle includes:

  • introductions – connect in shared purpose
  • attune and align with Akashic energy
  • activate your intentions
  • guided blessing

The blessing is a response to our intentions. It is big enough to meet the needs of everyone present.

When we receive Love, we increase our capacity to give Love.

Bathe in the Radiance of Light – receive wisdom, insight and upliftment.Afterglow, 4x4' , acrylic on canvasAfterglow
by Nancy Kern

Like a tuning fork, the Akashic Blessing Circle tunes your physical body to your soul and clears out barriers that make you feel disconnected. When you feel disconnected, you think that LOVE is passing you by. If you think that thought often enough, it becomes a belief – a weed that will choke your heart’s garden.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
the barriers within yourself you have built against it.” –Rumi 

Akasha means ‘space’ in Sanskrit. Imagine it as the womb of Creation, from which your Soul is born and to which it returns. The history of your soul’s journey throughout time is imprinted in the subtle field of the Akashic Record.

Akasha is a field. Like the gravitational field, it operates in your life and affects you whether you believe in it or not. Space lives in every cell in your body, as well as the sky and the space around you.

The Akashic Blessing Circle brings you:

  • distinctions about the Akasha to align and attune you
  • Body Prayers to center and ground your physical body in spiritual blessings
  • a group journey into the Akasha opens new possibilities for being loved and being love
  • deep access is facilitated by the power of the group focus
  • space for you to receive what you need
At the ABC, you have the opportunity to let go of something you are ready to release – and call to you whatever you want to bring in to your life.
The process begins as soon as you enroll in the circle. You may experience new found clarity.
When something in your life ends, something else begins. The circle keeps turning.
Thank you for helping create a safe community for sharing spiritual spaces grounded in integrity and dignity for all life forms through your participation.


Sunday, October 23, 4-6:30 pm
ARRIVE AT 4 to complete registration and connect in community

After 4:15 no late arrivals please

Location: Lightflower Studio in the Heights, Houston

Register hereon Friday before the Blessing Circle, you will receive a confirmation email including location
Register by 5pm on Saturday October 22

Requested donation: $25-$35
Please pay by cash or check at the door.

What to Bring? Suggested, not required
You are invited to bring a personal offering for the altar such as: a crystal, flower, jewelry or photo that speaks to your heart. Your offering will be imprinted by the energy. Take it home with you as a talisman to remind you of your inner jewel.

Highly recommended: A bottle of water to drink. Your item for the altar. A white candle in holder to light fire of transformation. You will take these home with you.

Take the activation deeper with repeated listening.
Your enrollment includes an mp3 recording of the Akashic Blessing, which will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the event. You are welcome to share the meditation with friends. Listening to the Akashic Blessing with friends and family enriches your connection.

What people are saying: 

“To me The Akashic Blessing Circle is a VERY UNIQUE Meditation full of Energy. Every time it’s different and always very powerful. If you come it is important to bring an open mind, no fear, just open to receive and to give – and you will have a wonderful experience.” –Zonia Canas

Over the first few days afterwards, emotions that had been plaguing me melted away. Of course, they eventually slowly floated back, but I had a great clarity afterwards about my connection to Source – and those emotions didn’t seem so strong.

I so enjoyed the feeling of safety and sharing among the group. I felt supported – and still feel connected to these ladies when I think of them or listen to the tape of the blessing.

I listen to the mp3 of the blessing everyday while meditating. The wisdom Nancy shares has given me life-changing insights I carry with me everywhere. Like – the idea of safety; trusting and allowing Source to take care of my needs, creating a space where all of my emotions are neither “good nor bad”, they just are – and all I need is to relax so that they can exist in balance. Hearing this everyday brings me peace!

I absolutely recommend the blessing circle! Spiritual and personal growth are both invaluable.

Nancy is so spiritually aligned and centered – yet human. She is accessible and in no way intimidating. I feel safe with her. Being in her presence is a blessing as well as an opportunity to grow.

I listen to the mp3 files every day, more than once a day. They bring me peace and insight.

Thank you for supporting my spiritual growth and journey.”
Cleopatra Williams

“Nancy’s home, heart, healing gifts,
 are a rare, soft haven 
to allow the sacred arms of grace, beauty, forgiveness, rebirth.

Divine embrace cradled me in cool mint,
 azure blue, silver-threaded weavings.  There, I was a part of the whole”
– Kiki Przewlocki, singer-songwriter
 Third Ear Caravan