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Challenging situations are opportunities 

We are in times of massive transformation.  Beliefs that worked in the past are outdated. We need new skills and expanded awareness.

Being judgmental, fearful or resistant to change makes it hard–and more painful–to move forward. When you meet your triggers with kindness and self-compassion, you can come unstuck.

Spiritual coaching is not religious. It does not hinge on beliefs or dogma. Instead, you hold beliefs lightly. Set aside preconceived notions and delete the need to understand.

Your spiritual ceiling can become your new floor.

When who you are on the inside matches your outer and your awareness is grounded in your body, your guidance can reach you.

My practice is grounded in 4 decades of inquiry and experience with birth and death, energy fields, spiritual emergence, emotional healing and spiritual vitality, the wisdom of the body and medicines from the plant kingdom.

My mission is to clear the way for your soul to be who–and what–you came here to be. I am on the same path.

I weave together synergistic modalities for the most potent outcome. I have listed some below to give you a sense of what you might experience in your sessions.

Akashic Records

When you request an Akashic Record reading, the veil between the formless realms and ordinary reality thins. The Akashic Record can reveal root causes wherever you feel stuck, such as: relationships, health, family, purpose, money, personal power.

Root causes are found in the past, solutions are found in the present.

Akasha is not about the past per se, though past lives and ancestral patterns are uncovered. It is a field of consciousness.  Transformation requires compassion for self and others–those who have harmed you and those you have harmed–and willingness to surrender your personal will to the highest good. Transforming emotions, thoughts and beliefs about the past frees you to Learn more

Emotional Connection

Emotions are physical sensations coupled with thoughts. With Emotional Connection, you learn to be present to the physical sensations and distinguish sensations from thoughts. You neither repress your emotions nor act them out. You recover from upsets and triggers more easily.  Learn more

EFT–Emotional Freedom Technique


Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that strengthen your connection to your Higher Self rather than being run by your ego. I recommend specific essences to help you put into action the insights and healing you receive in your sessions. A wide range of beneficial results are possible, including navigating through change and loss; owning your power; being more centered, grounded and focused; repairing the impact of trauma…Learn more

Body Prayers

I have developed Body Prayers over many decades of working with the body and with Spirit. Learn more

Spiritual Coaching for Medical Procedures

Subtle energy coaching can help you prepare for medical procedures and surgery. Using a technique called pre-paving, your body learns to relax and work with the procedure–not react against or resist it. Fear creates tension that affects physiological…. Learn more

Spiritual Coaching for Hospice

Guidance, insight and wisdom from the Akasha provides peace and comfort to the dying and their grieving friends and family. At the end of life, unspoken conversations and unfinished business come to the surface to be processed and released. As the veil between the spiritual and material worlds gets thinner, sensitive people become even more sensitive. With subtle energy support from the Akashic Record. Learn more

Space Clearing

On a subtle energy level, your environment continuously influences you. It can be supporting or draining. If you are reading this, you are likely a highly sensitive person. The more sensitive you are, the more you are affected by energy flows. You feel tired, unfocused or out of sorts when exposed to… Learn more