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Challenging situations are opportunities to develop higher awareness and new skills.

My work nourishes the whole of you, inner and outer, and helps you bring your soul into your body.

Body and spirit operate in dynamic, spontaneous call and response. Your inner world drives your responses the environment. When you meet your triggers with Love and compassion, you become calmer. You can be steady in chaotic situations when you are supported from within.

Spiritual coaching is not religious. It does not hinge on beliefs or dogma. To grow, you must set aside preconceived notions and open to the Mystery. Every situation gives rise to new possibilities. When one door closes, another opens.

I help you stay curious and present in the face of challenges—and see them as opportunities.

As you live more consistently from your Soul’s nature,
what once was your spiritual ceiling becomes your new floor.

When your spiritual identity is the same as who you are in the world, you are more aligned with the Highest Good of All Beings.

When your consciousness is grounded in your body, your intuition becomes more reliable.

For centuries, we’ve been taught that material and spiritual realms are separate. Such misguided thinking creates unhappiness and disconnection from beauty and mystery. Living beings are treated like things. When we treat oceans and trees as resources to be exploited, we enter a destructive trance. It leads us to adopt the same attitude to humans and animals—to ourselves.

My practice is grounded in decades of inquiry into birth and death, energy fields, spiritual emergence, the healing wisdom of the body and medicines from the plant kingdom.

My mission is to clear the way for your soul to evolve toward ever increasing fulfillment—in your body.

I draw seamlessly from many elements. Some modalities are listed below to give you a sense of what your might experience here.

We begin your session with a conversation about what concerns you that day. I listen closely and observe the energy flows. Coaching draws from whichever tools will be most effective:

Akashic Records

When you request an Akashic Record reading, the veil between the formless realms and the material world gets thinner. You grant me temporary access to your unconscious world and spiritual guides. The Light of the Akashic reveals root causes of relationship issues, physical health challenges, repeating patterns, trauma and helps identify what keeps you stuck.

When you go through transitions, you benefit from learning from the past, completing what needs to be completed and moving forward held in a space of loving spiritual and emotional  support. Your helpers and guides in the Akashic can assist you in creating a more fulfilling life by clarifying your awareness of your soul’s purpose. Learn more

Emotional Connection

Your emotions are physical sensations coupled with thoughts. When you learn to process your emotions skillfully, you neither repress your emotions nor let yourself be run by them. I teach you how to connect with your emotions in a gentle, spacious way. You recover from upsets more easily. You re-center and move forward from a steady ground. Learn more

Flower Essences

Flower essences strengthen your resolve to function from your Higher Self rather than your ego. I recommend specific essences to help you put into action the insights and healing you receive in your sessions. A wide range of beneficial results are possible, including navigating through change and loss; owning your power; being more centered, grounded and focused; repairing the impact of trauma…Learn more

Body Prayers

I have developed Body Prayers over many decades of working with the body and with Spirit. Learn more


Spiritual Coaching for Medical Procedures

Preparation for medical procedures and surgery that includes subtle energy coaching helps your unconscious assist in the desired outcome. I activate your spiritual support team and instruct your nervous system to effectively participate in the procedure. When your guides and your non-verbal body assist, you increase the probability of a more positive…. Learn more

Spiritual Coaching for Hospice

Guidance, insight and wisdom from the Akasha provides peace and comfort to the dying and their grieving friends and family. At the end of life, unspoken conversations and unfinished business come to the surface to be processed and released. As the veil between the spiritual and material worlds gets thinner, sensitive people become even more sensitive. With subtle energy support from the Akashic Record. Learn more

Space Clearing

On a subtle energy level, your environment continuously influences you. It can be supporting or draining. If you are reading this, you are likely a highly sensitive person. The more sensitive you are, the more you are affected by energy flows. You feel tired, unfocused or out of sorts when exposed to… Learn more