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Nancy Kern

Spiritual Mentoring

Create a more intimate relationship with your Higher Self


The answers to your questions are buried inside you.

I help you strengthen your direct connection to Source and decode the messages from your heart and your sensitive, intelligent body

Emotional blocks interfere with your receptivity to your Higher Self and can keep you stuck in dysfunctional patterns. Suppressing uncomfortable emotions creates separation from Higher Self and inner guidance.

Emotions begin as somatic messages from your exquisitely sensitive intelligent body. When you learn to stay present to sensations without leaping into thoughts and stories, you can unhook from dysfunctional stories about who you are and about the world. Many of these beliefs aren’t even yours–they don’t come from your Higher Self. They come from experiences and other people’s beliefs.

The sacred isn’t out there somewhere. The sacred is inside and around you. Keep the wisdom of experience, and let go of the beliefs that limit you.
To be of service to others and to the earth, we must first tend our own gardens. Your spiritual guides are with you at all times. I help you remove emotional blocks and dysfunctional beliefs that separate you from the LOVE that you are, and connect with your Higher Self.