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Nancy Kern

Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Connection

Create a fulfilling life

How do you source yourself?

Where do you source yourself?


Throughout the day, your moods and states fluctuate

In expanded states, you feel relaxed, supported and confident

In contracted states, you feel anxious, depressed or overwhelmed

You lose your center when your mood is controlled by events and emotions swirling around you

To move from contraction to expansion, connect with your emotions through your soma: your felt sense

You neither suppress your emotions nor act them out

I help you bring compassion and loving kindness to places that hurt

With healthy boundaries and self-acceptance, you can love others and be of service from a place of wholeness and well-being

The sacred isn’t out there somewhere. The sacred is here, inside you and around you.
To uplevel your human experience, meet fear, anger and grief with Love from the Source of All Love. When you give yourself loving kindness, you will create and attract loving kindness.
Create your life from Love, with Love, for Love!

Change your inner world and your outer world will change