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Nancy Kern  •  Spiritual Coaching

Center your life around what truly fulfills you

How do you source yourself?

Where do you source yourself?


Throughout the day, over the course of your life

Your awareness fluctuates

Sometimes expanding

Sometimes contracting

You leave yourself when you source yourself in the events and emotions swirling around you.

To stay home to yourself, you must process your emotions instead of suppressing them or acting them out.

When you value yourself, you choose to bring compassion, loving kindness and the Light of Spirit to the places that hurt.

With healthy boundaries, you can love others and be of service in the world from a place of wholeness and well-being.


Your soul incarnated to have the very human experience you are having. The sacred isn’t “out there” somewhere.
The Sacred is right here, inside your Being and around you, when you connect to a larger whole.
To upgrade your human experience, bring Love to the places within you that carry fear, anger and grief. When you give yourself loving kindness, you will create and attract relationships grounded in loving kindness. You can be of service in the world without trying to control the world.
Create your life from Love, with Love, for Love!

Change your inner world and your outer world will

change with you.