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Akashic Blessing Circles are held in the Houston Heights four times a year on the Sunday before solstices and equinoxes. You will have the opportunity to release obstacles, receive clarity and insight, or resolve something that has troubled you. You may have a sudden knowing – where you were previously stuck, you know what to do.

Our circle is large enough to amplify the energy of the Blessing, and small enough to foster focus, safety and intimacy. If you are ready to experience transformative energy flows moving through you, the ABC welcomes you.

To read more about Akashic Blessing Circles click here.

Click here to register for an upcoming ABC. Listen to a recorded blessing at the bottom of the page.

Contact me to inquire about hosting an Akashic Blessing Circle in your home or workplace.

Classes in Emotional Connection are offered at the Jung Center of  Houston.


“My sessions with Nancy are the most emotional, comforting, beautiful, calming, fulfilling, positive, hopeful, powerful, and clarifying and loving experiences I have ever had in one place and time. Nancy has been able to meet me spiritually, mentally and emotionally.” – KB

“This was one of the purest, to the core readings I’ve ever had. I felt complete trust.” AK

“I am struck by how beautifully and non-judgmentally you language what you see when you read my Record. Although many people facilitate this process and convey information, few are able to convey the most difficult or sensitive information the way you do, so safely and supportively. Thank you, Nancy.” – Ann

“Your interest and participation in my life continues to make me a better person. I believe I narrowly averted a poor life-choice by employing — and trusting — the skills you have taught me.” – KB

“Working with you is helping me build the courage to be my best self.” – EB

“I’m feeling reduced anxiety and more grounded. Our time together was quite meaningful.” – JK

“For the first time in my life, I have boundaries and I am taking care of me. Our work shifted me to a more centered space.” MZ

“I have such great appreciation for the value of the work you do. It’s mind-blowing how deep and infinite it is! – BR

“Thank you so much for your heartfelt dedication to the upliftment of others, for holding space to journey into the authentic wisdom and beauty of our Inner Self—a journey that brings healing and lasting change in so many areas of life. With tons of love,” LK